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Guesthouse 1932 - Old Himara

GUESTHOUSE 1932 it’s Himara’s first hotel!
Built in 1929 and run as as a hotel from 1932 to 1957 by my great-grandparent.
Then, the government took over the property and continued to use it as a hotel till late ’80’s.
In 2013, the building was renovated while still maintaining the same classic architecture. The rooms are at the center of Himara with instant access to cafe, restaurants & water sport activities. You can also visit many archaeological areas and learn about the religious and historical significance of Himara. Our parking is free 24/7 and very close to the rooms.


Piazza Restaurant is located in center of Himara, one of the most beautiful city in Albania. Offering you the fresh sea foods of Ionian Sea! For prenotation contact us in our phone number: +1 (917) 709-6752




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GuestHouse 1932

GuestHouse 1932

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GuestHouse 1932
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